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HubSense Retrofitting Parkring Garching

Small effort, great effect: HubSense makes a wireless lighting control system easier than ever before

Looking to upgrade the lighting in an office building in Garching in terms of energy efficiency, lighting comfort and flexibility, the client turned to OSRAM’s intelligent wireless lighting management system HubSense. Thanks to reliable Bluetooth Mesh wireless technology, the scalable retrofit solution can do without control lines and gateways, and can also be planned and precommissioned from anywhere using the web app. Wireless identification of the luminaires by mobile app means they can easily be assigned to individual zones on site. As a result, essentially only the existing T5 luminaires needed to be replaced – and work in the office could carry on largely undisturbed.

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New for old – HubSense effortlessly turns an existing installation into an intelligent new light management system

Office lighting – Kolding, Denmark

When the antiquated lighting system in an office building in Kolding, Denmark, was no longer working properly, the search was on for an economical upgrade. To avoid major construction work and therefore high costs, the lighting designer commissioned to carry out the job decided in favor of OSRAM’s intelligent radio-based light management system HubSense. Since the scalable retrofit solution can do without control lines and gateways thanks to reliable Bluetooth mesh wireless technology, the existing installation could be reused and the new system put into operation quickly and easily.

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